Young Markets Awards 2013: Nominations Now Open

We will not tire of saying:

Alpha Needs Innovation


The Nomination process for the Young Markets Awards at #YMarkets2.0 is now open!

The Young Markets Awards are intended to recognise excellence in new, developing and emerging finance.

Lifetime Achievers can Be Inducted into our Hall of Fame.

In other words, anybody, or anything who is actively helping generate alpha from Young Markets is a potential nominee.

It could be a new or developing product from a broker, fund or vendor; a whole emerging nation that is growing through reform, or even an individual who is clearly charting a way ahead for markets. A market platform or exchange helping develop new markets is also a very plausible nominee. Whether its developing in the rich world or emerging in the less-developed world, we want you to help us with nominees for the Young Markets Awards!

The Young Markets Awards will be presented when a truly exceptional candidate achieves a high standard – the judges will withhold awards in years where  nobody is deemed to have reached the appropriate pinnacle for a category…

Nominations are now open with an official launch announcement to follow soon.

The Nomination Process will close March 1st, 2013 while leading nominees will be joining us at the Young Markets Conference and Awards Gala June 4th – 6th, 2013 in Torun, Poland. Don’t forget to book your place!

You can Nominate for the Young Markets Award Here!

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