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Young Markets is the home of financial innovation, a unique event where leading figures from throughout the world come together to discuss all aspects of markets, with a view to the new and emerging products which will shape our future investment horizons.

The idea of “Young Markets” was born out of frustration at the idea that new products and new geographies all seem to be discussed in different silos. Therefore, there was a market for a holistic discussion across regions and asset classes to look at the future of financial markets and the innovations therein from the perspective of all manner of products, exchanges & platforms, funds, and technology.
The conference takes a unique world view of markets which is energised by Patrick’s passion for the future of humankind and a firm belief in the world of opportunity which surrounds us.

@YMarkets is not merely about emerging markets in the pure sovereign sense but also all manner of financial innovations and new product trading possibilites.

You can join us in Torun, Poland for the second Young Markets conference June 4-6, 2013. More information HERE

Today’s cutting edge new product,
is tomorrow’s plain vanilla.


Young Markets
– Alpha Needs Innovation

Young Markets: Inaugural Awards Honour Market 19.10.2012

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Young Markets in La Sibiu

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