Conference Experience

Patrick L Young is well known as a keynote speaker and chairman of events in all aspects of financial markets. Many will know him from his dynamic chairing of the “Crossfire” sessions which were held while the Burgenstock Conference was still alive, or in recent years from his performances at various Exchange Fora and as the founding Chairman of the Global Financial Services Centres Conference.

Amongst Patrick’s many conferences appearances, here is a brief selection:

    • IFTA (the International Federation of Technical Analysts) Sarajevo 2011, The Danger, Derivatives and Deployment of Data in an Information Age – A World of Opportunity (download the presentation)


    • Argentina: After Dinner Speaker & Compere, AFM Anniversary Dinner, 2007


    • Australia: Keynote speaker at various events for local financial market and Pension Industry bodies, amongst others. Audiences of up to 1000 are not uncommon in Australia!


    • Belgium: Chairman of sessions (and in 2009 After Dinner Speaker) for the European Securities Exchange Federation (FESE) conference in Brussels.


    • Bosnia: Keynote speaker at the Sarajevo Stocvk Exchange Annual Conference (2008)


    • Canada: National Derivatives Conference Keynote (Chateau Montebello)


    • Ireland: Chairman of the Global Financial Services Centre Conference, devoted to discussing the future of financial centres (2007-2009).


    • Italy: Chairman of FOW conference, Milan


    • Lithuania: Keynote speech on global economics, ICSC Baltic Retail Real Estate 2007


    • Monaco: I organised and chaired the EICM conference under the Patronage of S.A.S. Prince Albert II in 2007.


    • Luxembourg: Keynote speaker at Clearstream Repo Conference (2002).


    • Sweden: Chairman of NASDAQ OMX derivatives week, 2008.


    • Switzerland: Chairman of Crossfire at the Burgenstock Meeting, 2002-2007


    • United Kingdom: In addition to chairing, keynoting and speaking at dozens of conferences in all corners of the UK (e.g. Wilton Park Conference on Financial Markets 2006, Mondovisione Exchanges Forum 2006-2009), CSFI events etc. I was also part of a team that defeated Professor Nassim “Black Swan” Taleb at a Cambridge Union debate in 2003.


    • United States of America: From speaking at various B2B and internet conferences in the 1990’s to the present, I have enjoyed giving speeches in many US cities including Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and at various other events in resorts etc for a broad range of conference organisers and investors.


Additionally, I have spoken at private events on all manner of topics throughout the world in a vast range of spectacular and intriguing venues from the Gleneagles golf course, the Cabinet War Rooms and the Manchester United football ground in the UK to the likes of a former prison in Sydney and some remarkable resorts throughout the world.

My current key speaking themes revolve around bringing capital markets to life – discussing any aspect of new markets, development, the opportunities and pitfalls and can be pitched to general or practitioner audiences and even for after dinner occasions I will happily discuss finance, markets, business travel and globalisation as well as many other subjects…

Some of my key topics of the moment include:

  1. “A World of Opportunity – Looking to the future…
  2. “The New Europe – Tales of Emerging Market Opportunity”
  3. “”The Capital Market Revolution!” – Ten Years On”
  4. “The Future of Financial Centres”
  5. “The Gathering Storm: The Mess We’re In and Where Markets May Go Next”

To discuss booking Patrick L Young for future speeches please do not hesitate to contact me

If you want to get an idea of my speaking style or are looking for a dynamic conference Chairman, try the video below, performed after 2 solid days of chairing an event devoted to financial centres. These were my spontaneous concluding remarks beginning somewhere around 1630 in the afternoon: