Exchange & Financial Market Infrastructure

Having originally advised many of the world’s leading exchanges, as well as IT vendors and other aspects of the world’s financial market infrastructure, nowadays I tend to specialise in advising investors in this exciting space.

During more than 20 years working in financial markets, I have consulted to many of the world’s leading exchange groups including CME, Deutsche Borse, ICE, NASDAQ OMX, NYSE Euronext and others throughout the world.

I am widely acknowledged as a leading expert in exchange investment and consequently have worked with a broad range of institutional investors (private equity, long only and hedge funds) throughout the world advising them on investments in exchanges, IDBs, financial IT companies and other aspects of financial market infrastructure.

My projects have included due diligence (e.g. for an investor in the National Stock Exchange of India in 2009) and expert witness work (e.g. Montreal Exchange in the High Court of Quebec) as well as restructuring and research projects etc

I have worked with many smaller markets too and indeed coined the word “microexchange” to describe such modestly sized markets.

If you are seeking to establish a new exchange then I can assist with all aspects of oversight, strategy and operational creation of a new market whether a large venture or a microexchange. Similarly, I can provide considerable insight for investors in all aspects of investing in exchanges and financial markets infrastructure.

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