Patrick has been fascinated by entrepreneurship from an early age. He is the third generation to be self-employed in his family. His first formal venture was organising historic motor racing in Ireland during 1983 and 1984 when he ran a series of races, having previously spent his school holidays searching for old racing cars.

Subsequently Patrick also enjoyed parallel activities, writing and taking photographs for motoring publications and journals across the world and occasionally dealing in old racing cars.

With the funds he made from these activities, he began teaching himself about financial markets…

An enthusiastic early adopter of technology, Patrick has been involved in e-commerce on the World-Wide Web since 1994. He produced the first derivatives publications online and was actively involved in various other new business concepts. He was, for instance, a co founder of the Classic Car Club which brought the concept of accessible old motoring to London, a concept devised by David Kavanagh. Patrick has been keenly involved in multiple other startups in media/publishing, horeca and various other sectors, particularly fintech.

His publications online were the first derivatives periodicals as the AFT/ADT publications ended in the group which published for over a decade cutting edge web magazines about derivatives.

Sensing that the nascent dotcom era deploying digital networked technology was at odds with the analogue state of finance, Patrick had long thought about a book and the end result was the rather pace “Capital Market Revolution!” of 1999. Elsewhere during the dotcom bubble, Patrick was actively involved with many startups and other concepts. Amongst them in fintech was “ePit” (Advisoty Board member), a San Francisco company which helped develop the world of future trading platforms. Meanwhile, he was a co founder of GSX (Later Intrade) as a result of his being an early thinker in the space of what are now called prediction markets.

More recently, Patrick has been closely involved in the nascent Polish startup scene. He was a cofounder, and serves as a director of Mission ToRun, the local startup club in Kujawsko-Pomorskie which is chaired by Patrick’s wife, Beata.

As a keen startup enthusiast, Patrick has advised, mentored and invested in a multitude of startups    across the world. He is a mentor at the StartUpBootcamp FinTech programme in London and with Mission ToRun helped co-organise their pitch days in Warsaw in 2015.

During 2015 alone, Patrick has discussed startup issues at conferences as diverse as the Paga Foundation and the Young Entrepreneurs Forum

Within Mission ToRun, Patrick created the “Business Clinic” concept which has successfully helped startups and SMEs build value and create jobs.

Patrick’s recent startups include Exchange Invest which within 2 years was acknowledged as the benchmark daily read for the C-suite in financial market infrastructure world-wide.

…He is currently working on or with startups in various sectors and locations…