Speaking Topics

Patrick is able to discuss a broad range of topics with his usual charm and humour, not to mention some brutal honesty where it is required!

Amongst his key topics currently are the following:

Hot At the Moment

  • Bitcoin
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • And all the future trends there and thereabouts!

Thought Leadership topics include:

– The Future of Finance (from any aspect!)
– The Future of Investment
– The Future of Banking
– The Future of Money
– Our World of Opportunity…

Core Economic and Investment topics include:

– The Euro and the future of the EU from an Economic Standpoints
– Digital Commerce, Electronic Markets
– Emerging Markets from the BRICS to a cornucopia of emerging nations, islands and city states
– Investing in Any Aspect of the “New Europe”
– Financial Centres
– Risk

Other Topics Patrick enjoys discussing include:

– Politics
– Economics
– IT and innovation
– Travel
– Media
– & anything related to technology