Op-Edge is a new series of opinion pieces from experts in all manner of world affairs and Patrick L Young (the founder of YM) has been invited to be one of their line-up from launch.


10t November:‘Trump must lure overseas capital back to US to appease Wall Street & Main Street’

7th February:Luck o’ the Irish, or a Celtic commitment to austerity?

20th January: World Economy: Cheer up, the worst is yet to come

15th January: Oil: Lubricating chaos around the world

27th October: Poland: EU’s poster child turns Euroskeptic

7th October: Trans Pacific Partnership – The Devil is in the details

24th August: Market mayhem: Summer blip or a serious dislocation?

30th July: Global economy 2015: As good as it gets

13th July: Greek Oxi-moron: When Bailout Means Servitude

6th July: The big fat Greek debt divorce

1st July: Greece: The options

30th June: Greek referendum: A liberal dose of democracy

28th June: Brussels: A bloody-minded ‘blob’ of costly dysfunction

23rd June: The IMF: A synchronized snub of Europe

20th June: Another brick in the wall: Border fences symptomatic of economic dysfunction

17th June: ‘Greece and EU believe in magic money tree that produces currency from nowhere’

6th June: Oil: OPEC’s Lengthy Suicide Note

26th May: Chicken or Egg? Brexit & the End of the EU

18th May: Polish voters show their disdain for politics as usual

12th May: Britain’s economic future

28th April: UK Elections: ‘Brexit’ or Ex-Brits?

21st April: Finland: Exhibiting strain of northern independence

7th April: Tsipras heads to Moscow hoping to get money from Putin?

1st April: All Fools Day – But who are the eurozone April fools?

24th March:Lee Kuan Yew – Political genius personified

18th March: ‘Mindless vandals outside and inside ECB building’

24th February: Greece – purgatory postponed

11th February: Greece negotiates debt ‘holding a gun to Troika’s head and behaving like a spoilt child’

29th January: ‘SWIFT is archaic, doesn’t stand up to modern digital age’

24th January: Uber: A small step towards world bankruptcy

22nd January: Davos: The blob’s big day out

20th January: Food fight: Has the EU endorsed its own genetic modification?

13th January: ‘Placing EU in euro currency straitjacket made life impossible’

12th January: 2015: A year of borrowed time?

7th January: Is the US economy overstretched?

31st December: Bitcoin 2.0: Revolution resumed

22nd December: Greece: Strangled by the euro-noose

19th December: Putin’s press conference for all seasons

17th December: Solstice searching: On market panics & currency collapse

14th December: Brussels: Austerity is for the little people

2nd December: Cheap oil, falling ruble, but ‘things not as bleak as they might seem’

25th November: A German ‘savior’ launches the Romanian reboot

11th November: Multipolar trade in new era: Where ‘Asian pivot’ becomes vital to prosperity

10th November: US foreign policy: The clash of righteous purpose

7th November: The austerity mirage

25th October: On Putin’s Valdai speech: The logjam in world diplomacy

23rd October: Europe’s panic button

20th October: Moscow: an innovators paradise

9th September: ​Sanctions tit-for-tat: Catch minus 22

2nd September: EU ‘mother-sucker’: Nanny state decrees dirty homes?

1st September: Mr Tusk goes to Brussels – but can he save the EU?

28th August: Black arts of banking: The higher rate dilemma

25th August: ‘With no tangible economy it will be hard for Ukraine to pay off its debt’

22nd August: Europe: A Union of Common Censorship

19th August: Europe’s reboot: Reform or die

18th August: European recovery is a sweet fairy tale

11th August: Bitcoin: Baffling or brilliant?

8th August: Sanctioning food: Fueling opportunity

5th August: The logic of modern diplomacy, aka sanctions 101

30th July: Germany’s trade surplus: Feeding euro crisis

25th July: Australia repeals the carbon tax blob. For good?

22nd July: New Development Bank ushers in a new era of money

16th July: ‘US wouldn’t press for EU sanctions on Russia if it had any money risked’

10th July: France: A last tango to economic disaster

9th July: Banking on sanctions – a step too far?

4th July: Bitcoin revolution wins over world

26th June: Sex and drugs at the core of the EU’s economic development?

24th June: ‘EU is completely politically and economically irrational dealing with Russia’

18th June: Ukraine’s gas: Reversal of fortune?

10th June: EU presidential hopeful blind drunk on Europhilia?

9th June: ‘EU wants to decide who owns the pipeline operating outside it’

5th June: Kindergarten politics: The juvenilia of the G7

30th May: Eurasian Economic Union is wake-up call for US

28th May: Eastern energy pivot threatens the US dollar

26th May: ​EU elections: DINOsaurs duck first meteorite

21st May: Russia-China deal: Even energy pivots East

19th May: Chasing the rainbow: On tax, toothpaste and private bankers

13th May: Can the EU build an empire without a bearded lady?

5th May: Euroskeptics: Fractious factions

4th May: German energy: Unsustainable eco-suicide

1st May: Scarlet letters: US tool that usurps sanctions?

30th April: BRICS building parallel IMF

29th April: Euro elections: Searching for President Nemo

28th April: ‘Obama and Kerry fail to show leadership qualities required to settle Ukrainian issue’

22nd April: US-Japan: Pivoting apart?

21st April: EU Super-state: Single-market Stalinism

18th April: ‘More sanctions against Russia is mutually assured economic destruction’

16th April: ​Bond bubble bursts anew

14th April: ‘Time for a new recession’

8th April: Euro-Catch 22: Mario Draghi’s woes over QE

4th April: Upside down: America’s war on globalization?

31st March: Free-fall: IMF to accelerate Ukraine’s economic collapse?

28th March: Money from the gods: Iceland’s auroracoin & a new kind of independence

25th March: Breaking bad: Separatists or pioneers of the future for microstates?

20th March: Why did Europe choose the chaff over the wheat?

17th March: Chinese banking liberalization: Time to invest in the walking dead

13th March: EU stagnation: Why Soros says the Euro threatens the Union

11th March: Dead budget walking: Obama abandons hope, gives up on change

5th March: Ukrainian people will bear brunt of IMF deal with tough austerity

4th March: What price taxation? Swiss privacy and the truth about offshore banking

3rd March: No money, no jobs: Europe’s growing desperation

28th February: Why govt wants to steal your money

27th February: Financial fairy dust: G20 detached from real world

24th February: Death finance: Bankers have never been so insecure

21st February: UK Green Party: ‘Ecoloons’ with totalitarian mentality

20th February: Debt adjusted: EU rebrands bankruptcy

13th February: Swearing bankers…but not how you might think

10th February: Foreign investors ditching France for Russia

7th February: Fed’s taper tosses emerging markets

5th February: ‘Corruption lessons from a broad range of experts’

31st January: EU bank reforms reveal hypocrisy, even from left-wing European govts

27th January: Davos groupthink dangerously out of touch

23rd January: Day of reckoning for ‘Kickcanistan’?

16th January: Time for EU to rebalance – or face Brexit

13th January: Latvia brings growth to the eurozone

7th January: Germany: The next sick man of Europe?

31st December: The Year of Bitcoin

25th December: South Sudan: Driving energy insecurity

18th December: Pitchfork and pizzas – the death of Italian dolce vita

16th December: US minimum wage issue – a symptom, not a solution

9th December: South Stream: EU gas or a lot of hot air?

8th December: Ukrainian people being used as pawns by the EU and US

3rd December: Dutch downgraded: EU shoots messenger

29th November: Bitcoin bubbles but will it burst?

23rd November: EU should focus on internal problems, not Ukraine ‘vanity project’

13th November: Bitcoin: Merging with the mainstream?

7th November: Europe going to extremes: Are Far Right set to change face of Brussels?

23rd October: US govt beating up bankers for its own mistakes

17th October: If you think the world of banking will become utterly transparent – that’s false

10th October: America’s trade tango with Tehran


2nd October: America’s shutdown: ‘US government is like bickering teenagers’


2nd October: The American Empire: Grinding To A Halt?
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25th September: Arctic quest: The Great Game points north

13th September: Which is stronger: The EU or the law?
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9th September: US sanctions only make Arab people supportive of dictatorships
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4th September: Why good banking is in the shadows ahead of G20

3rd September: G20: West to present its tax suicide note
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20th August: Ultimate confidence: World won’t go for gold standard anymore

22nd July: Motown: A broken record in the rust belt
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11th July: Move along please! There’s no crisis here

2nd July: US-EU fallout: Eavesdropping on the free trade

24th June: Ben Bernanke: Banks, bonds and a big breakdown?
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19th June: A small step for men, a giant leap for world trade

18th June: Immigration: The Great Horde of Prosperity

24th May: Bitcoin: Fad, fraud or the future?
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16th May: France: Double dip or the edge of the abyss?
10th May: Fear and Loathing in the EU

1st May: Iceland’s economic thaw a thorn in EU’s side

24th April: The end of austerity – dream or default? Bez tytułu4

23rd April: Cyprus & bailouts: That great sucking sound
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9th April: Eurozone: Death by a thousand cuts

6th April: Japan’s desperate, dangerous experiment
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29th March: EU’s kleptocratic intentions to result in confidence crisis

29th March: ‘A giant sucking sound as money exits Cyprus’

18th March: Cyprus levy on savings: ‘An armed robbery by Brussels’

18th March: Cyprus trust vote bailout